Tracy Quan

Tracey Quan

Freelance journalist Tracy Quan is currently on sabbatical – from being an upscale call girl. Her debut novel,Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, released this year, is loosely based on her life as a runaway teen who became a successful New York prostitute. Quan’s novel picks up where her popular fiction series ended – and has attracted a wide readership.

As The New York Times Service recently wrote, Quan “…..calls herself a lingerie liberal – an affluent call girl who identifies politically with oppressed streetwalkers – but she also sees herself as libertarian entrepreneur. She considers her call-girl self to have been a successful, independent businesswoman, not an exploited victim.”

Quan’s personal essays, reviews and interviews have looked at artificial intelligence, early puberty, AIDS, adultery identity politics, virginity and commercial sex. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications, including NewsdayLingua FrancaCivilization and Congressional Quarterly. Quan spent much of her childhood in Canada.


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