Dr. Barry Merriman

Dr. Merriman’s recent academic research focused on solving for the genetic causes of human disease. In industry, he has focused on developing DNA sequencing technology, and architecting national scale genomics medicine projects. Currently, at Human Longevity, Inc., he is integrating state-of-the-art “omic”, cellular and information technologies to prevent the common diseases of aging. Dr. Merriman has a BS in Math and Physics, University of Washington (1984), and PhD. in Applied Math, University of Chicago (1989). From 1989—2009 he was a multi-disciplinary Research Professor at UCLA, and from 2010—2014 he was CSO of the Genomic Solutions Group at Life Technologies. Dr. Merriman has 90 scientific publications spanning the disciplines of math, computer science, physics, engineering, molecular biology and human genetics, with over 11,000 citations.


Dr. Barry Merriman - Stem Cell Therapies to Delay Aging

Stem Cell expert Dr. Barry Merriman tells the audience about advances in stem cell therapies...