The Great Debate on Digital Technology: Promise Or Peril?

2018, Business & Entrepreneurship, Science & Technology
Presented By: Peter H. Diamandis

The pace of development in artificial intelligence and its integration into digital technology has been rapidly accelerating. All signs seem to indicate we are only a few years away from mass adoption and AI hitting scale. But as all this new development takes shape, few of us truly understand the implications.

Opening ideacity 2018’s conference, two thought-leaders went head to head on the future of digital technology. What lies ahead? Promise or peril? Peter Diamandis and Diane Francis debate the future of digital technology.

After the main debate, we brought in critics, challengers, and cross-examiners to grill the constituents and present their point of view on the resolution. The panel consisted of Salim Ismail, Rob Nail, Matthew Fisher, Ramona Pringle, Sasha Grujicic, and Jim Harris.