The Experience


You’re not just attending a conference. You’re part of an international community of ‘idealists’, engaged year-round.

Let marketers go to marketing conferences, engineers go to engineering conferences – ideacity is different. And unique. The program deliberately knocks down professional or academic categories and boundaries, and brings everyone together for a single transformative experience.

No breakout sessions, no sub-topics – all attendees see the same program, hear the same presenters.

But that’s only part of the story. Unlike some conferences that make it difficult to access the speakers (or charge extra for the privilege), at ideacity the presenters mix and mingle freely with the attendees at the numerous schmooze breaks, plus the legendary opening and closing parties.

This additional dialogue – and the exceptional business networking opportunities that go along with it – is one of the features of ideacity that brings so many people back year after year.

And it doesn’t stop there. Through our website, e-newsletter, and digital and social media platforms, our network of thousands of “idealists” can stay in touch, follow the latest doings of our speakers and see all the presentations in our ideacity Talks video archives.

Through these channels, you can be an idealist even if you’ve never physically attended the conference – yet. Many people who will attend for the first time, have already learned about ideacity and enjoyed our presentations in this way.

You can become an idealist this minute!