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June 15, 16, 17, 2022

Dear idealists,

Well, here we go again!

A year ago, I wrote to say that, with great reluctance, we were going to have to postpone IC2020 and regroup in June of ’21. But now, just as the COVID threat appears to be receding with the arrival of vaccines, we find ourselves in lockdown again. So, with all hope of a June revival well and truly dashed, we must again postpone to June 2022.

Overnight, much of the world, and our experience of it, has become virtualized and homogenized, as everything comes to resemble a Zoom conference, complete with audio chaos and visual monotony; which only reinforces in me the conviction that there’s no substitute for The Real Thing. And that is why I’ve resisted diluting the IC Experience with the usual online medley of headshots parading as interviews, panels, webinars and other such similar now common daily activity.

There is nothing like the intensity and impact of a live human, on stage, speaking with authority and passion to an engaged and eager audience about that important thing that they know best. Similarly, the mingling and networking and partying between and after talks cannot remotely be replicated by written chat or even the latest Clubhouse craze.

2016 napkin sketch by cartoonist Wes Tyrell

So please engrave June 15, 16, 17, 2022 into your calendars and upon your hearts, and plan to be with us for the Grand Reunion, of an authentic, old-fashioned, get up close and personal Conference to End all Conferences, in 14 months’ time!

2017 by Wes Tyrell

In my message last year, I wrote “For those of you who have already bought your entry, we deeply appreciate your support and enthusiasm and want to assure you that we will not only honour your ticket but, as a token of our appreciation, we’ll give you a complimentary pass for you to gift in turn to a friend or colleague or member of your family.”

So, by way of thank you for this second deferral, we propose to add still another pass to your package. Bring your family and/or bring a friend or colleague or two. Flowers, chocolates, wine, spirits or smoked salmon are all appreciated as gifts, but their pleasures fade quickly. On the other hand, no one will ever forget your unique gift of information and insight for their mind and spirit.

2017 napkin sketch by political cartoonist

Terry Mosher aka AISLIN

All of which requires no further action on your end; just know that these tokens will appear on your account when registration opens for 2022. All you have to do is decide whom you want to invite!

2018 by Wes Tyrell

2019 by Wes Tyrell

Stay Tuned. I’ll be back to you soon to ask for your thoughts and suggestions on how to make our return different, memorable, a truly mind-blowing experience for the ages.

See you soon-ish,

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