William Robertson

Tool Collector & Model Maker

Miniatures Presentation

Bill Robertson has always been fascinated by small detailed models like those he viewed as a child at the Smithsonian. He also loves history and building things and has spent his life doing that.

Bill is most intrigued by the decorative arts and scientific instruments of the 17th and 18th centuries and copies them in miniature. Using a mixture of period and miniature tools he has made, he fabricates near microscopic parts in wood and metal to complete his creations. One goal is each piece must be better in some way than all made before it.

His miniatures are in public and private collections throughout the world. When asked recently about his work he stated, “In some ways, all I have done these last 40 plus years is to delight people by keeping their eyes happy”.


William Robertson – Maximum Miniatures

William Robertson was always fascinated by small detailed models, and out of that, he built a unique...