W. Gordon Blankstein

W. Gordon Blankstein

Born in Brandon, Manitoba, Gordon Blankstein calls beautiful British Columbia home. He holds a B.Sc., Agriculture and an MBA from the University of British Columbia but is best known as an entrepreneurial international financier, having raised billions of dollars over the years for projects that range from restaurant chains to telecommunications.

Gordon is the founder of many small companies; overseeing operations until selling out to international conglomerates. Of these enterprises, the most notable include ICG, GST Telcom, NACT Telcom, New World Network, and Bestel. He is Director for several different companies such as Genco Resources Ltd., a gold and silver mining company with mines in Mexico.

In 1986 Gordon and his wife purchased land in the temperate rainforest area in Fort Langley, British Columbia, where they founded Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre. Mountain View, a non-profit organization, focuses on breeding endangered species with the objective of returning them to the wild. A few very important reintroduction projects at the Centre include: the Vancouver Island Marmot, Oregon Spotted Frog, Cuviez Gazelle, MHORR Gazelle, Addax, Scimitar Horned Oryx, and Algerian Sand Gazelle.


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