Vincent John Vincent

Vincent John Vincent is the co-founder and creative force behind GestureTek Inc., the inventors, pioneers & world leaders for 25+ years in video gesture control computing. He and Francis MacDougall invented and patented Gesture Xtreme, a “full body immersive virtual reality”, where the user’s real-time image appears on screen and interacts with the virtual objects. Thousands of systems have been used in public engagement and education, as well as rehabilitation (IREX).

Technology and patents were licensed to Sony’s EyeToy and Microsoft’s XBOX Vision/Kinect cameras. Vincent was the world’s first VR performer; performing worldwide from 1986 onward. In 1999, GestureTek invented GestureFX which turned any surface (floors, walls, tables, windows) into interactive gesture controlled displays. From this evolved Illuminate Multitouch tables/vertical panels. In 2000, they invented GestPoint, with 2D/3D depth cameras, for 3D gesturing to point and control content on any display, at any distance.

In 2003, Vincent was honored with a Canadian New Media Lifetime Achievement Award.


Vincent John Vincent - Video Gesture Technology

“With and through our bodies, we experience ourselves” says Vincent John Vincent.  In...