Tzeporah Berman

Tzeporah Berman

Tzeporah Berman is the Program Director for ForestEthics, an organization with offices in the United States and Canada that is dedicated to protecting endangered forests by transforming the paper and wood industries in North America and by supporting forest communities in the development of conservation-based economies. In the last five years, ForestEthics has run successful campaigns to stop logging in a million acres of Chilean native forest, transform the buying patterns of industry giants Staples and Office Depot, and protect millions of acres of forest in Canada.

Prior to joining ForestEthics as staff, Berman worked for seven years with Greenpeace International and Greenpeace Canada. She was also one of the coordinators of the logging blockades in Clayoquot Sound that resulted in the largest civil disobedience protest in Canada’s history.

Berman has made frequent speaking tours in Canada, the United States and Europe on Canadian forest practices and policy, as well as the state of the world’s forests, international forest markets, and environmental advocacy. She lives on Cortes Island, BC with her husband Christopher Hatch, and their two children Forrest and Quinn.


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