Tanya Jones

Organ Bank: Longevity & Self-Preservation

Tanya Jones

Tanya Jones is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Arigos, a startup that is developing a methodology for the long term banking of organs for the transplant industry and the Chief Operating Officer of SENS Research Foundation, a nonprofit working to research, develop and promote comprehensive regenerative medicine solutions for the diseases of aging.

As the CEO of Arigos, Tanya Jones secured early funding for Arigos, including becoming the first company funded by Breakout Labs, the Thiel Foundation’s most recent effort to effect disruptive innovation in science and technology. She is currently in the process of securing another round of funding which will enable Arigos to complete proof-of-concept recovery experiments on human-scale organs stored at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

As the COO of SENS Research Foundation, Tanya manages the contracts and financing for its collaborative extramural research projects with such leading research institutions as Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and Rice University. In addition, she leads the strategy and execution of the Foundation’s finance, human resources and real estate activities.


Prior to her current roles, Tanya was the CEO of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation where she managed all facets of this nonprofit research organization including financial planning and execution, strategic planning, technical development, clinical implementation of laboratory results, and participated in Arizona legislative processes related to anatomical donation.

There she oversaw one third of Alcor’s patient population and had special responsibility for the maintenance of Alcor’s Emergency Response, Transport, Cryoprotective, and Cool-Down systems. She supervised all of the clinical aspects of the process (including training new and existing Transport Team members as well as other contracters and volunteers), and the integration and implantation of improved and evolving, technologies and procedures.


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