Scott Cassell

Scott Cassell is a filmmaker, commercial diver and explorer with over 13,000 hours of dive time.

He developed a method to attach a camera to a Humboldt squid, which is prey for the Giant Squid. In 2006, Scott made history by leading an expedition team that was the first to successfully film the Giant Squid in its natural environment. The footage captured showed an estimated 40-50 foot long Architeuthis dux (the Giant Squid) demonstrating predatory behavior. Cassell is also the first in history to film the 3 beating hearts of a Giant Squid when he used a high resolution endoscope to film the organ systems of a living Humboldt squid.

In 2007, Scott produced a documentary for The Discovery Channel titledĀ Squid Invasion. This film focused on his concerns about the range expansion of the Humboldt Squid into Northern Pacific waters and how this would certainly wipe out the California Salmon fisheries.


Scott Cassell - The Squid Nerd

Scott Cassell is an undersea explorer, filmmaker and self-described squid nerd.  His underwater...