Russell Korus

Co-founder and CEO, EZ Exchange

Speaking about cryptocurrency on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Russell is the Co-founder and CEO of EZ Exchange, a global cryptocurrency platform that is building a path to mass adoption of digital currencies. The platform is built by veteran stock market developers and security experts along with user experience professionals, to make buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency easy and safe.

Russell is a Blockchain visionary and cryptocurrency evangelist.  He is also an angel investor focused on emerging markets and start-up incubation for new tech ventures.

While his career began in the financial services and insurance industries, Russell noted the rapidly growing influence of the Internet in the late 90’s and switched careers to begin building e-commerce platforms in a Java environment.  After several years of development work, Russell moved into Sales Engineering, eventually running the Sales Engineering Departments at several prominent technology firms.

Russell’s vision is to bring cryptocurrency to the masses in an easy and secure way.


Russell Korus - Crypto For All

Russell Korus is a self-avowed futurist and has been a Blockchain visionary and cryptocurrency evangelist...