Michael Lennick

Michael Lennick

Author and filmmaker Michael Lennick was born in Toronto shortly before the dawn of the Space Age, an era that provided excellent reasons for skipping school on launch days, along with the impetus for the rest of his career. For 20 years Michael divided his time between writing and directing kids’ shows and documentaries for the CBC, TV Ontario and PBS, and creating visual effects for numerous film and television projects, including Videodrome and War of the Worlds.

Michael, Shirley and at least two dogs currently reside in Bala, Ontario, where the recent introduction of high speed allows them to complete their book, magazine and television assignments with minimal gasoline use. For the past decade, their company, Foolish Earthling Productions Ltd., has focused almost exclusively on science series and specials, including the award-winning Discovery Channel history of spaceflight series, Rocket Science, and the upcoming PBS special, Dr. Teller’s Very Large Bomb.


Michael Lennick - The First Spacecrafts

Michael Lennick discusses various modes of historical space transportation.