Liav Koren

Liav Koren

As a child, Liav Koren was fascinated by science, technology and systems, and as a suburban adolescent, he became fascinated with urbanism. This fascination eventually led him to study architecture and design at the University of Toronto, where he soon became intrigued by materials and the processes involved in fabrication.

Since graduating from its architecture program in 2007, Liav has been working in the industry as well as building and working with open-source 3D printers. Since 2011 he has been working with tech start ups focused on affordable 3D printing. He was the R&D Lead at Panda Robotics and in 2013 he and Felix Tang co-founded Bloxels Inc. to focus on disruptive 3D scanning solutions.


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Liav Koren, an architect by training, now a designer, researcher, and creative technologist by inclination,...