Lakshmi Pratury

After two decades in marketing, venture capitalism and social entrepreneurship, Lakshmi Pratury turned her focus toward linking her home country of India more tightly with the American community.

Pratury worked at Intel for 12 years as a marketer and evangelist, then moved to a VC firm, Global Capitalist Partners. At GCP, she focused on connecting India’s legendary software-development community with US tech. She began to focus more strictly on relationship-building with her move to the America India Foundation, where she founded the AIF’s Digital Equalizer program, offering technology education to some 80,000 children and 2,000 teachers in India. At Tamarind Grove, she plans events and meet-ups that will more tightly link the Indian and American tech communities.

In December 2010, she is launching The INK conference which will carry forward the momentum created by TEDIndia.


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