Juliet Jiang

Juliet Jiang

Juliet Jiang is the Senior Vice President for BROAD Air Quality Products and BROAD Sustainable Buildings, responsible for leading and expanding its presence in the global market.

After graduating from Wuhan University with a master’s degree in 1989, Ms. Jiang worked in Hunan Import & Export Corp. for export businesses for a decade. Her previous role also includes deputy general manageress of a subsidiary company.

She joined BROAD in April 1998, and set up BROAD International later that year, acting as its CEO till February, 2010. With Ms. Jiang’s leadership, the team exported BROAD products to more than 70 countries, closing flagship projects like Madrid Airport, Bangkok New International Airport, and Fort Bragg Air Force Base. Ms. Jiang established BROAD International Air Quality Products in February, 2010 and BROAD International Sustainable Buildings(BSB) in December, 2010.

On behalf of BROAD, Ms. Jiang has attended many international conferences on energy conservation, sustainable buildings, and climate changes, and frequently speaks at international conferences.



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