Glynnis Hood

Dr. Glynnis Hood is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus in Camrose. Her research interests include aquatic ecology, beaver management and human-wildlife interactions. Currently she is examining how beavers create wetlands that are not only able to withstand extreme drought, but are also able to support extremely high levels of biodiversity.

Prior to signing on with the University, Glynnis worked for 24 years in a variety of protected environments, from the Canadian West Coast to the Subarctic. In July of 2007, she left a 19-year career with Parks Canada’s warden service and followed her passion for teaching and research.

Her book, The Beaver Manifesto, will be published by Rocky Mountain Books in the spring of 2011, and explores the manner in which the humble Canadian icon can increase the presence of open water, improve biodiversity and recharge groundwater reserves.


Glynnis Hood - The Beaver as an Eco-Friend

Dr. Glynnis Hood examines the enormous positive impact beavers have on their environment. Her research...