Erika Ritter

Erika Ritter is a novelist, playwright, essayist and broadcaster. Her published works include: Automatic Pilot, a Chalmers-Award-winning play; three collections of essays,  Urban ScrawlRitter in Residence, and The Great Big Book of Guys: Alphabetical Encounters with Men; a novel, The Hidden Life of Humans; and most recently, a non-fiction work, The Dog by the Cradle, the Serpent Beneath: Some Paradoxes of Human-Animal Relationships, shortlisted for the Writers Trust Non-Fiction book prize for 2009, and reprinted in paperback in 2010.

At CBC Radio, she hosted “Dayshift,” (1985 to 1987) and most recently “Ontario Morning.” (2000-2005).  She also guest-hosted many programs over three decades, including “The Sunday Edition,” “Music and Company,” and “The Arts Tonight”.


Erika Ritter - Human-Animal Relationships

Erika Ritter laments the injustice done to animals because of their inability to explain themselves....