Dr. Peter M. Blecher

Chief Medical Officer of Starseed Medicinal Inc.

Speaking about Cannabis in the Workplace on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dr. Blecher is a graduate of McGill Medical School, and completed a Comprehensive Surgical Internship at the University of Toronto.

He has worked as an ER physician for over 20 years, while being involved in the start-up of several biotechnology, medical device, and private enterprise companies. He currently sits on the Board Microbix Biosystems, Inc.

Dr. Blecher has been with CPM Centres for Pain Management since 2005, Canada’s largest network of integrated pain management centres, currently with 9 clinics, where he is a Medical Director

He is a credentialed pain practitioner with both the American and Canadian Academies of Pain Medicine.

He has presented workshops and seminars on the topic of Chronic Pain Management to health care professionals across Canada, and internationally, including educational workshops on medical cannabis. He helped develop the early educational material for the CCIC (Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids) – widely recognized as the global leader in physician-centered medical cannabis education.


Dr. Peter M. Blecher - Medicinal Cannabis in the Workplace

“Patients are not looking to get high. They are looking to get well.”

Pain management specialist...