Dr. Michael Zuk

John Lennon's Molar

Dr. Michael Zuk

Michael Zuk DDS gained global attention with the purchase of John Lennon’s molar. While most joked about the idea of spending so much for a rotten tooth the dentist-author-crusader recognized the potential gold mine that could come from the investment. His book ‘Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist’ had just hit a jackpot marketing opportunity but the dental association decided to block the publication.

Dr. Zuk has used the tooth to promote conservative cosmetic dentistry, raise awareness of mouth cancer, developed a line of jewellery and participated in a documentary on celebrity DNA where he announced his intentions to ‘own John Lennon’s genetic code’.


Dr. Zuk has a number of marketing programs to help dentists and is working on several inventions that may make a significant change in the profession.  His latest venture includes working with an LA agent on a proposed documentary about the quest towards human cloning.

The Beatle tooth story has been featured in TIME, RollingStone.com, The TODAY Show, Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist, Bill O’Reilly and CBC Marketplace. If you have lemons and want to turn it into lemon aid you need to learn lessons from this unusual saga.

Visit JohnLennonDNA.com for more information.


John Lennon’s Molar By Michael Zuk, DDS

Dentist Michael Zuk explains why he bought John Lennon’s tooth.