Dr. Mark Liponis

Author, President, Stoneover Health + Doctor of Internal Medicine

Can Money Buy Health?


If the secret of life is to find the best outlet for one’s talents, then Dr. Liponis may have found nirvana. An insatiable curiosity combined with a sense of wonder and a dash of skepticism have fueled 30+ years of studying the miracle of the human body. His main takeaway has been a deep appreciation for the wisdom of Mother Nature and the amazing complexity of the body. The biological instructions written into the DNA code of humans includes a miraculous ability to adapt, evolve and survive even against tremendous odds.


Dr. Liponis has distilled his 3 decades of wonder into writing, as the author of three books, Ultraprevention (2005), UltraLongevity (2007), and The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution (2012). He is also co-editor of the Textbook of Integrative Preventive Medicine (Oxford Press, 2018). Dr. Liponis is a national speaker and has appeared on a number of national TV segments on health and wellness including National Public Television, The Doctor Oz Show, The Rachael Ray Show, CNN, CNBC, the Today Show, FOX News, The Jane Pauley Show, The View and others. Dr. Liponis’ original research on herbal medicine and H pylori has been published in Natural Medicine Journal May 2015.


Dr. Liponis has a wide experience in medicine that includes years of managing critically ill patients in the ICU to providing wellness advice to the healthy and the wealthy. He spent 25 years leading the medical department at the Canyon Ranch health resorts until this year, when he launched his own private practice in Lenox, Massachusetts focusing on prevention, health promotion and technology. He plans to continue sharing his insights including research on the gut microbiome and health, genomics, and lifestyle-based prevention.



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