Dr. Madan Bali

Master Yoga Teacher and Vedanta Scholar

Leading a Yoga Stretch Break on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dr. Bali is a 94 year young Master teacher and Vedanta scholar with a Doctorate in Complementary Medicine…an expert in the therapeutic benefits and specialized techniques of healing through yoga.

The “Dr. Bali method” is a practical methodology to tap into the body’s full potential for optimal wellness.

He emphasizes how getting in touch with the body’s own self-referral feedback system can help reverse the damage caused by stress, unhealthy habits, poor diet and negative emotions

Dr. Bali is known as one of the “living legends of Yoga wisdom”, his method combines the yoga postures and traditional yogic breathing, with a metaphysical approach for an evolution of consciousness.

His unique method helps integrate and refine the subtle body, transcending the body into an infinite, timeless, ageless and primordial essence.


Dr. Madan Bali - 94 Yr Old Yogi Stretch Break

94 year old yogi, Dr. Bali, leads the ideacity crowd in a peaceful and transformational yoga sess...