Dr. Igor Kovalchuk

CEO of Pathway Rx

Speaking about Radical Life Extension Using AI + Cannabis on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Dr. Igor Kovalchuk (PhD/MD) is an award winning expert in genetics and molecular biology of plants and animals and a CEO of Pathway Rx. Pathway Rx is a company uniquely combining fields of medicinal cannabis and one of the applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, creating personalized cannabis products for fighting chronic ailments and extending healthy lifespan. Pathway Rx is partnering with AI companies such as InSilico Medicine and with Canadian naturopathic doctors to formulate unique natural products combining the power of cannabis extracts and other proven remedies for fighting pain, inflammation and supporting healthy living.

Dr. Kovalchuk has over 20 years of demonstrated expertise in plant biotechnology, genetics and breeding. His other company, InPlanta Biotechnology, established with his business partner Dr. Darryl Hudson, is breeding cannabis strains with unique medicinal properties. The company has developed over 300 hybrids and is rapidly characterizing their medicinal properties using animal cell and tissue culture models and animal models of various diseases. Through his affiliation with the University of Lethbridge, Dr. Kovalchuk is developing a unique BSc program in Industrial and Medicinal Cannabis.


Dr. Igor Kovalchuk - Radical Life Extension Using AI + Cannabis

Dr. Igor Kovalchuk (PhD/MD) is an award-winning expert in genetics and molecular biology and the CEO...