Dave Farrow

Dave Farrow improve memory

Dave Farrow is the 2-time Guinness Record Holder for Greatest Memory who memorized and recalled the exact order of 59 decks of shuffled playing cards – 3068 cards total! Dave is the most requested media guest expert on Memory Improvement, Focus, Speed Learning and Self-directed Learning. He has been featured on over 2000 media interviews in USA and Canada. Dave suffered from ADHD and Dyslexia and developed The Farrow Method to teach the skills of memory, focus and speed learning to colleges, companies and individuals via keynotes, workshops and his best-selling memory improvement program. He also owns FarrowPR, which specializes in Mnemonic Branding and Neuro-science of sales. In his spare time Dave is also a hands-on dad, helping his wife raise their first son.


Dave Farrow – Guinness Record for Greatest Memory

Guinness World Record holder Dave Farrow discusses tips and tricks to improve your memory.