Corinne Maier

Corrine Maier

Corinne Maier is a psychoanalyst and writer. Originally born in Switzerland, Corinne has lived most of her life in France, where she studied Political Science at the Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris, and received her doctorate in Psychoanalysis.

She has written bizarre biographies, serious books about psychoanalysis and art, and tongue-in-cheek satire. Many of her books have been translated and distributed internationally. Hello Laziness, a highly cynical and humorous critique of French corporate culture that describes the absurdity of big companies and advises people to do the minimum at work, has become a best-seller worldwide and been released in 30 countries.

Her latest best-selling book, No Kid, 40 Reasons For Not Having Children, was released in France in June 2007 where it raised a polemic: a mother of two dare say that children are not the key to happiness! This book will be translated into eight languages (but not in America, probably because they love their children so much).


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