Bob Blumer

Gastronaut, Artist & Seven Time Guinness World Record Holder

Zero Food Waste Culinary Performance on Friday, June 22, 2018

Bob Blumer is a professional gastronaut with an adrenaline addiction. He has created and hosted three award-winning TV series (Surreal Gourmet, Glutton for Punishment, and World’s Weirdest Restaurants ) that air in over 20 countries, written six acclaimed cookbooks, and broken seven food-related Guinness World Records.

Blumer transforms ordinary ingredients into wow-inspiring dishes through simple cooking methods and whimsical presentations that have become his culinary trademark. Publishers Weekly summed up his most recent best-of cookbook Glutton for Pleasure as: “equal parts memoir, lavish art book, multi-genre soundtrack and culinary tour de force”

Bob is an ambassador for Toronto’s Second Harvest and the Gastronaut-in-residence at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel. When he is not travelling for work or pleasure—which is most of the time—the transplanted Canadian cycles daily in the canyons near his home in the Hollywood Hills, doing his best to stay in shape for his next big adventure. His other car is a Toastermobile.


Click here to download Bob Blumer’s recipe for “Garbage Pizza” – we promise it’s not at all what you think! 


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