Betty Krawczyk

Betty Krawczyk

At the age of 79, Betty Krawczyk is not your average granny. She was raised on the edge of a swamp outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where loving the land and water just came naturally.

Although her father was a Baptist minister, she distanced herself from religion relatively early in life. Despite leaving the church behind, her search for spirituality remained an important part of her life. This search manifested itself in activism; resisting segregation in the South, protesting the Vietnam War, raising awareness about the oppression of women and the poor, and getting involved in environmental issues.

Betty immigrated to Canada in 1966 and, after settling in British Columbia in 1988, found herself increasingly entangled in environmental disputes. Her activism has culminated in jail terms in excess of three years for anti-logging activities and demonstrations. Betty is the author of Clayoquot: The Sound of my Heart and Lock Me Up or Let Me Go. As a member of the Raging Grannies she remains active by speaking at numerous events and running for public office every chance she gets.


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