Barbara Turnbull

Barbara Turnbull

Barbara Turnbull is a journalist, a survivor and a self-described troublemaker.

She is perhaps best known for being shot while working at a convenience store, as an 18 year old high school student in 1983.

Left a quadriplegic, she went on to graduate from journalism school at Arizona State University, with honours and as valedictorian. Since then, she has been a staff reporter at the Tororto Star.

She gained further notoriety, and the wrath of diehard fans of old movie houses, when her successful Human Rights Complaint against Famous Players Theatres resulted in the company closing the Uptown and Eglinton Theatres.

She has also been an outspoken user and supporter of marijuana for medical purposes. She has been recognized by the YWCA of Toronto as a Woman of Distinction.


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