Audi Gozlan

Audi Gozlan

Audi Gozlan is the founder of Kabalah Yoga®, a unique style of Vinyasa that blends the ancient wisdom of Kabalah with the practice of flow yoga. His classes are a mix of meditation, celebration and sacred movement.

He is the host of Kabalah Yoga, a popular television series airing in Canada on Vision TV, Joytv and on One: Get Fit.

Audi has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, Hindustan Times, Zoomer Magazine, and is an invited teacher at many yoga conferences in North America

He encourages deepening one’s yoga practice by cultivating positive intention, an important part of the teachings of Kabalah. His music, which features spiritual artists from all parts of the world, is equally inspiring since it flows into the practice he shares and the spirit of unity he offers.


Audi Gozlan - Kabalah Yoga Master Reaches for the Sun

Kabalah Yoga master Audi Gozlan celebrates and marks the summer solstice in this soothing exercise...

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