Ariel Garten

Thought-Controlled Computing

Ariel Garten

If there ever was a gap between science, art, business and technology, Ariel Garten, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of InteraXon Inc., has closed it. Her work converts the workings of the mind into tangible solutions. Ariel has researched at the Krembil Neuroscience Institute studying hippocampal neurogenesis, displayed work at the Art Gallery of Ontario, DeLeon White Gallery and opened Toronto Fashion Week. The intersections of these diverse interests have culminated into various lectures with topics such as “The Neuroscience of Aesthetics” and “The Neuroscience of Conflict”, featured on TVO’s Big Ideas.


Referred to as the “Brain Guru”, Ariel has also run a successful real estate business, spent time as the designer of a Canadian fashion boutique, and is a practicing psychotherapist. In 2007, Ariel co-founded InteraXon, one of the world’s leading companies creating brainwave controlled products and experiences. InteraXon debuted with the creation of “Bright Ideas”, Ontario’s feature showcase at the Vancouver 2012 Winter Olympics, where visitors in Vancouver got to control the lights on the CN Tower, Niagara Falls and the Canadian Parliament buildings, with their minds, from across the country.

Ariel and her team are merging technology, neuroscience, art and design. Muse, InteraXon’s brain-sensing headband, just one example of this innovation, allows consumers to interact with their smart phone and tablet using the power of their mind. Ariel and Muse are regularly lauded in global media- CNN, CNET, CNBC, Reuters, Tech Crunch, Wall Street Journal Tech for creating what Huffington Post calls “the beautiful headband that will make you smarter”.


Ariel Garten - Thought-Controlled Computing

Interaxion co-founder Ariel Garten discusses how neuroscience and art can intersect as she shares...