Angela Funovits

As a gifted mentalist, Angela Funovits has engaged the mind, captivated the heart, and inspired the spirit of millions of faithful viewers with her unique brand of esoteric thought reading and theatrical illusion. Launched into the international spotlight by her starring role on NBC’s primetime series Phenomenon as well as TV specials in France, Germany, and Japan, Angela’s astonishing demonstrations are reaching out to more people today than ever before.

Angela’s life in the performing arts is only one of her multiple passions. Many find it surprising to learn that when Angela is not on stage, she is applying her mind power in the scholastic arena as a focused and driven medical student. Angela is also the founder of The Magic of Medicine, an outreach program that uses magic to address the psychosocial issues of patients and their families.


Angela Funovits demonstrates her illusionist skills

Supernatural entertainer Angela Funovits demonstrates some of the magic that has made her the most...