Alexander Böck

Alexander Böck

Alexander Böck has pioneered a unique way of propelling the human body. Similar to the comic book dream of being able to “leap pioneered a unique tall buildings in a single bound,” Power Skip Boots attach to the feet and create a bionic calf extension that allows one to mimic the effects of jumping on a trampoline with each step.

Böck has always had a strong interest in planes, rockets and combustion engines. He studied aerospace technology at the Technical University of Munich, graduating with a Master’s degree in Engineering. Shortly after graduating, Böck began a career as a turbojet engine designer. Meanwhile, he managed to keep up his own creative and inventive explorations, resulting in Power Skip Boots.

Often described as a “jumping stilt,” they must be seen to be believed. Currently Böck is working on some new designs for water sports equipment.


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