2019 Agenda

June 19

12:00 pm

Is it Worth It?

Voices Rock Canada - Performance
Roger McNamee - (via Video)
Conrad Black - The Canadian Manifesto (via Video)
Matt Ridley - (via Video)
Albert Nerenberg - The Diversity of Laughter
Bowser and Blue - Performance

2:30 pm

Conversation Break

3:20 pm


Janice Gross Stein - Is Technology Rebordering the World?
Tarek Fatah - Is My Religion Stifling Freedom of Speech?
Hon. Irwin Cotler - The Resurgent Global Authoritarianism & the Retreat of Democracies: Through the Lens of Political Prisoners
Marie Henein - Rule of Law & Convo with Moses
Hazel McCallion - Good Governance
Asa Mathat - Take Better Photos with Your Phone!
Good Enough Live Karaoke - Karaoke Comes to ideacity!

June 20

10:00 am


Bowser and Blue - Performance
Bruce Linton - Beyond Edibles
Dr. Christelle Gedeon - Breaking Down Barriers
Cam Battley - Post-Legalization: Progress Made & What's To Come
John Fowler - Cannabis 2.0: How Can it Lead to Global Prosperity?
Jill Sobule - Grown-Up Music for an Adolescent Age

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

2:05 pm


Alexander Tsiaras - Personalized Medicine: Empowering the Story of You
Anna Van Acker - Unlocking the Cancer Treatment Within You
Rasha Katabi - Re-engineering the Credit Card
Michael Cohen - The Business of Ideas: Innovation in Retail Technology
Jim Harris - Disruption in the Era of Exponential Change
Mark Halpern - The New Philanthropy

4:05 pm

Conversation Break

4:50 pm

Future of Space & Tech & AI & the Whole Damn Thing

Dr. Geordie Rose - Synthetic Minds, Cooperation and the Future of Humanity
Martine Rothblatt - Flying Cars & Artificial Organs - in Conversation with MZ
Avery Broderick - Seeing the Unseeable
Yonatan Winetraub - A Journey to the Moon
Bob Richards - Moon, Mars & Beyond
Pascal Lee - Moon, Mars & Beyond
Anjelica Scannura - Anjelica's 22-Minute Workout & More!

June 21

10:00 am

God & Nature

L’√©quipe Tambora - Global Dance Music
Joan E. Taylor - What Did Jesus Look Like?
Anna Porter - Anti-Semitism Worldwide
Sue and Jim Waddington - In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven
Wade Davis - A Story of Columbia

12:30 pm

Lunch Break

1:45 pm

Health & Longevity

Dr. Mark Liponis - Can Money Buy Health?
Dr. Durhane Wong-Rieger - The Promise & Challenges of Treating Rare Disease
Libby Znaimer - An Introduction
Diane Francis - Surviving Cancer
Carmela R. Abraham, PhD - Klotho: The Key to Longevity
Peter Laufer - Dreaming in Turtle
Wade Davis - Feeling great at 65

5:05 pm

Conversation Break

5:45 pm

Summing up

Daniel Vnukowski - Rhapsody in Blue
Mary Walsh - Redefining How We Think of Aging
Whiskey Jack - A Stompin' Tom Tribute