Rick Miller Performs Scenes from “BOOM”

Entertainment, 2013
Presented By: Rick Miller

As an actor, writer and director, Canadian talent Miller has made a splash in the theatre milieu. He occupied the lead role in Mulroney: The Opera and hypnotized audiences in the one-man show Hardsell, and is probably best known for a viral video in which he sings Bohemian Rhapsody imitating the 25 most annoying voices in the music industry. Here, he gives the ideacity audience a taste of his multimedia, one-man performance, BOOM, which examines the coalescence of culture and politics that defines the decades shaped by the Baby Boomers.



Butterscotch – Performance: Beatbox Champion


Les Stroud – Performance and Rob Stewart Tribute


Claudia Moore and Robert Desrosiers – Older and Reckless


Lara St. John – High-Powered Violinist