June 20-22 2018

Christa Couture

A remarkable chanteuse, singing superb material,͟ deems Roots Music of Christa Couture, an award-winning indie artist who has built a reputation for transforming tragedy into musical triumph, with sharp-shooting wit, effortless grace, and heart-on-sleeve intensity. Her album The Living Record made Best-of-the-Year lists at CBC Music, Radio Regent and the Georgia Straight, and she has toured Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Germany and Holland, earning enthusiastic reviews on three continents. As a non-fiction writer, the National Post wrote of her essay ͞These Are My Children͟ as ͞the most powerful story͟ in the book ͞The M Word: Conversations on Motherhood͟ (published by Goose Lane. She is the project manager of RPM.fm ͞Indigenous Music Culture,͟ a cyborg, a half-breed, a knitter, and then some.


Christa Couture – Cyborg Chanteuse

After a series of tragic personal losses singer-songwriter Christa Couture picked herself back up...