Cam Battley

Chief Corporate Officer at Aurora Cannabis

Speaking about the Commercialization of Cannabis on Thursday, June 21, 2018

“Cam Battley is Chief Corporate Officer at Aurora Cannabis, a producer of medical cannabis and cannabis oils under license from Health Canada. He is the lead external-facing executive of the Company, with responsibilities for strategic development and M&A, and for establishing and managing relationships with shareholders, analysts, media, regulators, governments, and other companies and organizations operating in the cannabis sector.

He also chairs the Executive Committee, acts as liaison with the Board, and ensures organizational alignment across the Company’s operations, domestic and international. Cam is a member of the Board of Directors of Cannabis Canada, the trade association of Licensed Producers. With a background as a health sector management consultant, he combines experience in government, healthcare NGOs, and the biopharmaceutical industry.”


Cam Battley - Canada Unlocks Global Cannabis Opportunities

“The legalization of cannabis is a victory in so many ways. It’s especially a victory for activists...