Audi Gozlan

Performing Wednesday June 14th & Thursday June 15th

Painter, Scholar, Lawyer, Yoga Master, Visionary.  This is the world of Audi Gozlan, Ph.D.  Over the years, Gozlan has filled his life with rich and diverse experiences.  These days he’s most excited about his creation Kabalah Yoga®, a unique style of meditation and vinyasa yoga based on shaping the body into the Hebrew letters and energized by the ancient secrets of kabalah that these letters represent.

Kabalah teaches that the energy of everything in the world – living creatures and inanimate objects alike – came into existence through the Hebrew letters that spell out their names.  These letters, the mystics say, are the codes behind each form of life, creating and animating them out of nothingness. By learning the deep meanings of the letters and by seeing the poses in your body as the shapes of the Hebrew letters, you will embrace their divine energy and be healed, strengthened, and inspired both physically and spiritually.


Audi Gozlan - Kabalah Yoga Master Reaches for the Sun

Kabalah Yoga master Audi Gozlan celebrates and marks the summer solstice in this soothing exercise...