Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen has performed and toured extensively as a solo act and with his band, Low Millions. Over the years, both acts have charted internationally with several songs, won over audiences and generated good press.  

Cohen has written for other artists, begun a script, is an excellent cook, is a father to a 3-year-old boy named Cassius, travels like  crazy, speaks Greek, French, and Spanish and has a very early model prosthetic hip from a car accident in 1991. 

But, for all that can be said of Adam Cohen, what people mostly retain is that he is the son of the legendary Leonard Cohen.

Cohen has just finished his proudest musical achievement yet, 2012’s Like A Man, in which he finally had the courage to celebrate and pay tribute to the influence of his father.

 On the heels of this recording, Cohen also embarked on a  theatrical presentation on the life and songs of Leonard Cohen.


Adam Cohen - Performance of "Sweet Dominique"

Adam Cohen credits his son Cassius for inspiring him to grow up — and for his latest record,...

Adam Cohen Performing at ideacity 2005

Watch Adam Cohen performing from his newest album at ideacity 2005.