Dignity Memorial

Be revolutionary. Be remembered. Be a life celebrated like no other.

Each one of us is unique with our own life story to tell. We understand this, and that’s why you can depend on your Dignity Memorial® professionals to capture a person’s essence with a service that’s both a fitting reflection and a memorable tribute.

How do you want to be remembered?
The way you choose to be remembered should be a true reflection of your life. A Dignity Memorial professional can guide you through details you might not think of when pre-planning your unique funeral or memorial service.

Special events
Consider events that you would like to be a part of your final plans, such as a visitation, meal, reception, graveside service, religious event or other type of gathering.

A lasting place of remembrance
There are many options at varying prices for a permanent resting place, including a cemetery, mausoleum, columbarium or cremation garden.

Meaningful keepsakes
Special mementos given to guests can range from traditional prayer cards to seed packets and customized options, such as personalized golf balls or jewelry.

Let us help you plan ahead.
With the Dignity Planner we are revolutionizing the way people think of and prepare for funerals. Begin customizing your plan with no obligation or cost.