Anthony Von Mandl


Anthony Von Mandl

Born in Vancouver to European parents, Anthony Von Mandl returned to Europe with his family when he was nine years old. Although he graduated in Economics from the University of British Columbia, Von Mandl soon realized that wine and food were his passion.

After a European apprenticeship in the wine trade, Von Mandl worked as an importer and merchant of fine wines. When the time came to invest in a winery, he put down roots in his native British Columbia, in the largely unknown Okanagan Valley wine appellation. Von Mandl was convinced that, given time and patience, the valley could produce sophisticated wines for an international audience.

Determination and an unshakable commitment to quality led to international acclaim, validating his belief and giving him confidence to undertake unprecedented investments in grape growing and winemaking.

A five-year transformation of Mission Hill has just been completed. Von Mandl’s aim is to build a destination that will stand the test of time.

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